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AZOLLA is a cutting edge, innovative accelerator plateform globally recognized as a strategic partner and go-to provider of consultancy services covering the processes of business formation and growth through innovation

We assist you on building strategic thinking, innovation, and growth strategy capabilities into your high-potential managers and executive creates a dramatic change geared towards improved business lines…


Azolla provides efficient models for Innovation accelerators based on its expertise, knowledge and track record of global business network. Azolla offers a unique high level necessary local and international support ( in particular with N1 Sophia Antipolis Tech Park) and expertise to enable the launch and kick off processes for any innovation accelerator guaranteeing success in implementation thus strengthening and spreading the culture of innovation in line with the clients goals and vision.


Today it is recognized that INNOVATION is a dynamic, unpredictable and uncertain process, it depends critically on creating the right conditions for success.
In a growing digitized world (accelerated by Covid pandemic) it is essential to integrate innovation best practices to enable sustainable economic growth.
INNOVATION requires an understanding of the processes of innovation that can lead to an innovation “ecosystem” and its absorptive capacity.
As of 2016, 54% of Accelerators and Incubators had a specific specialization. Generally, the more digitally mature a market is, the more specialized accelerators tend to be. Increasing, internationalization can also be used to attract and compare more candidates.
In 2017, 49% of Accelerators and Incubators offered international programs, either through partnerships with foreign entities or with foreign locations.

Management and operations services over 12 months include eg:

  • Selection of the best-potential staff to operate the Innovation
  •  Training of the employees.
  •  Supervising , review and evaluation of the performance.
  • Running the accelerator will require a hands on approach and
    dedicate time.
  • It means being careful to every detail for example keeping the
    accelerator ALIVE and showing it as an example of innovation.
  •  Continuous environmental scanning, customer benefit, business
    benefit, and alignment of the accelerator to the needs.
  • Presence of Azolla team at a regular rate at least weekly presence
  • Quarterly Reporting.
  • Evaluation input.

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.

Strategic Partnership with Sophia Antipolis Science & Tech Park

Azolla has established a strategic partnership with Sophia Antipolis Science & Tech Park, which is unique and Number 1 in Europe.

Azolla’s services brings to the GCC top leaders from Sophia Antipolis : the international center of knowledge, technology & innovation which has given birth to 3000 high level companies over 50 years and where more than 30,000 people are working on the business of the future.

The most talented experts and leaders who are the most advanced in their
field will be delivering dedicated services.

An international network

  • Azolla brings its international network and partners to create international bridges (when necessary) through dedicated alliances that will strengthen and enhance the visibility of the Accelerators and Prgrammes.
  • Supports the visibility and growth of the tenants.
  • Arranges Signature of international agreements to boost internationalization of the companies.
  • Azolla’s ever-expanding network is the backbone to the entire model and programs.
  • Our relationship with various local and international industry experts, companies, CEO’s, managing directors, academic institutions, innovators, media, service providers, governmental entities, NGO’s, etc., has led to a vast web of support and expertise that we offer.